Become a dealer

Become a dealer


You are a tuner, work with files, modify them yourself, but you have a problem with a certain file, It’s no problem for us, create an account, place an order and we will surely help.
You want to start optimizing software and are searching for a company which will provide verified solutions? Don’t hesitate, we are made specifically for you.

iconmonstr-user-2 is a file service for everyone. We don’t divide our clients into better and worse, thus it’s possible to order as little as one file a month. However, we offer special conditions for those who put their trust in us and with which we work often.

What to do to become our dealer?


  • Just place at least 5 orders a month
  • OR
  • have a Slave device assigned to our Master

Each dealer receives from us special working conditions:

  • price discounts for software optimization ,
  • free device renting,
  • a credited account,
  • being placed on the dealer map,
  • free original software,
  • discounts for purchasing devices at our store.

Do you want to establish a cooperation with the best ?

Are you irritated by you file provider’s lack of punctuality ?

Do you need a reliable and experienced technical support ?

Are you searching for solid and verified solutions ?

Become our dealer, join the Tuning-Files team and provide your clients with what’s best.