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Meeting our clients’ needs, we’ve created a product which is a perfect solution for every car workshop and authorized service which focuses on professional and efficient customer service.


At our service we focus on the efficiency and speed of action. Thus, you can be sure that your software will be treated in an individual manner and the execution time is going to surprise you and your client.


When creating we’ve taken into consideration many suggestions of our clients, so that system would be simple, clear and allow us to maintain order in terms of the files.


You no longer have to clutter your desktop or worry that you’ll lose your data. Regardless when you will want to use your files, they are always going to be here.

We know that there are many companies on the market, which offer optimizing software.

However, they are often unreliable and lack punctuality in executing the orders.

And the solutions which they provide, are often the results of automatic programs which make many errors and may have an impact on the incorrect functioning of the vehicle or even its malfunction.

Experience, timeliness and an individual approach to every order are our domain.

Don’t wait for your files for several hours, don’t worry that we won’t answer your call. Always be sure that the file which you receive from us, works properly.

We offer :

  • enhancing the powerenhancing the power, reducing fuel consumption
    (cars, trucks, tractors)
  • NOx sensordisabling the NOx sensor
  • DPF/FAPdisabling the DPF/FAP
  • EVAPdisabling the EVAP, VSA,TVA systems
  • egrdisabling the EGR/AGR
  • startup dosagerepairing the startup dosage
  • adbluedisabling the AdBlue/SCR system
  • softwareoriginal software
  • lambda probedisabling the first (diesel)/second (petrol)
    lambda probe
  • technical supportfull technical support during the entire course of the cooperation

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